DVD and Digital Mastering for Film Titles & Television Programmes

Screen Ventures Australia operates a DVD and Blu-Ray production company based in Sydney, under the direction of David Chambers.

LantanaAs one of Australia’s leading DVD producers, David Chambers is responsible for creating the content for many leading Australian feature films including: Gettin’ Square, Japanese Story, Love’s Brother, Dirty Deeds, The Night We Called It A Day, The Rage In Placid Lake, Alexandra’s Project, Black And White. The Wannabees, and television series Changi, and Bradman.

David with the Oasis DVD/ Kojo Group was privileged to have won the 2002 Region 4 DVD Producer Award for Best Australian Feature on DVD for Lantana.

David has also produced for authoring studios including Oasis DVD and Screen Ventures DVD. Classic film and television releases include: The Deer Hunter, Lonesome Dove, Highlander, The Elephant Man, Secretary, Thirteen Days, The Evil Sun, Clockwork Orange, The Shawshank Redemption, and Murder On The Orient Express.

Screen Ventures has produced with Australia’s leading authoring houses over 2,000 DVD titles since 2002.

David Chambers is now involved as Creative Producer for Screen Ventures Digital in the development of the next generation of digital mastering for film and television programmes for online distribution and DVD.

Please contact us for any DVD and digital encoding and mastering enquiries.